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New Zealand Legislation website

The New Zealand Legislation website provides access to Acts, Legislative Instruments, Other Instruments, Bills, and Supplementary Order Papers. It provides official copies of Acts and Legislative Instruments. See What's on the site and how it works for more information on what the New Zealand Legislation website does and doesn't provide, how often it is updated, and which versions of legislation on the site are official.

Other online sources of legislation
  • New Zealand Acts 1841-2007 As-Enacted Collection
  • 1908 Consolidation
    These two collections, hosted by NZLII, the New Zealand Legal Information Institute, provide Acts in PDF format. They do not include any later amendments or show whether they have been repealed.
    Also available from NZLII: Otago, Marlborough, Nelson, Southland, and Westland Provincial Ordinances.
  • New Zealand Parliament website: Bills and Supplementary Order Papers published since the New Zealand Legislation website went live are provided by the New Zealand Parliament website by linking to the New Zealand Legislation website.
  • Knowledge Basket website:
    • Bills: some from 1985, to 2007
    • Acts: original versions (amendments not incorporated) of Acts in force in 1987, and all Acts passed from 1987 to 2007 (amendments not incorporated), and reprints from November 2002 to 2007
    • Regulations (now known as Legislative Instruments): original versions (amendments not incorporated) from 1987 to 2007, and reprints from October 2003 to 2007.
Other subordinate legislation

Some of this type of legislation is published in the New Zealand Gazette.

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